The City of Glendale's "Lock it or Lose it" Campaign

The City of Glendale's "Lock it or Lose it" Campaign

lock-it-or-lose-itThe Glendale Police Department has officially adopted the “LOCK IT or LOSE IT” educational campaign. The City of Glendale, like many other communities throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area, has been experiencing an increase of thefts from unlocked vehicles.

A theft from a vehicle is often a crime of opportunity. The criminals responsible lurk city streets or parking lots looking for valuable items left unattended inside of unlocked vehicles. They then enter these vehicles to steal the items from within.

The Glendale Police Department urges you, as residents of our community, to ensure your valuable items (such as GPS devices, IPADs, IPODs and laptop computers) are not left unattended inside of your vehicles.

Also, DO NOT leave the keys to your home or vehicle inside of your vehicle as well. If at all possible, please bring these items into your home with you instead of leaving them in your car. If items have to be left in your vehicle, please ensure that they are out of sight (inside of the trunk or glove box).

Also, please LOCK your vehicles at all times when unattended. As mentioned earlier, a theft from a vehicle is a crime of opportunity. If you do not leave valuables inside of your vehicle and your vehicle is locked, you are less likely to be victimized by these heinous criminals.

Here are some tips to help protect your vehicle and your personal property:

Please make sure that all of your vehicles left outside and unattended have the doors locked and the windows rolled up!

If you have to leave property inside of your vehicle, don’t leave it in plain sight. However, we urge you to take the time to bring valuables inside your home with you.

Leave your porch or garage lights on overnight. There are not many street lights in our community and these individuals may avoid areas that are well lit.

Please call 911 if you see or hear anything suspicious outside of your home that resembles this type of criminal activity. Please DO NOT approach or confront the suspect(s) if seen. Get a good description of the individual(s) and immediately report them to the police.

If you have a “Ring”, “Nest” or similar home surveillance camera system, please consider registering it with the Glendale Police Department. The footage from your system may be valuable to a criminal investigation.