Duties & Functions

Under the Mayor-Council-Administrator form of government, the City Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and serves at the direction of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. The City Administrator supervises the general day-to-day operations of the City and is generally responsible for carrying out all lawful policies established by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, and coordinating the activities of all departments and offices of the City. The City Administrator’s duties also include submitting the City’s annual Budget for the approval of the Board of Aldermen and administering personnel programs for the City, including the appointment, promotion, or discharge of City employees.

The City Administrator also serves as the City Clerk and Building Commissioner and is assisted in these duties by the Deputy City Clerk and Office Assistant. Major responsibilities of the City Clerk include upholding the laws of the City, maintaining and drafting official records such as Board of Aldermen and Board of Adjustment minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and other vital documents. Other responsibilities include assisting citizens, corporate residents, and the general public with information; processing ‘filing applications’ and legal notices for municipal elections; posting public meeting notices as required by Missouri law; administering oaths of office; certifying and affirming various City documents; maintaining the City’s Municipal Code Book; and other day-to-day functions. The City Clerk also retains custody of the official City seal. The Office of the City Clerk strives to give complete and accurate information, and remains neutral and impartial on all political matters, rendering equal service to all.

The City of Glendale currently has 30 full time employees, 4 part time employees, and 3 seasonal workers spread out across various departments including Administration, Fire, Police, Court, and Public Works.

City Administrators

Since 1970, ten City Administrators have worked for the City of Glendale:

Phil Brown (1970 - 1977)
Bernie DiFiore (1977 - 1979)
Douglas Harms (1979 - 1985)
Brenda Love-Collins (1985 - 1988)
Mike Pounds (1988 - 2008)
Frank Meyers (2008 - 2010)
Jeremy Hayes (2010 - 2013)
Jaysen Christensen (2013 - 2018)
Benjamin DeClue (2018 - 2023)
Andrew Stewart (Interim CA) (10-2023-02-2024)
Frank Johnson (2024-Present)