Plan Commission

Plan Commission

The Plan Commission is made up of six (6) members, with five (5) being residents of the City, with at least one (1) member from each ward. The sixth (6th) member shall be the City Engineer.
Glendale established the Plan Commission to provide input on planning and zoning matters from residents with specialized knowledge of development matters, including architects and engineers. By state law, members of the Plan Commission must be residents of the City. All meetings of the Commission are posted on the City website and are open to the public. All members of the Plan Commission, except the City Engineer, serve on the Architectural Review Board


Name Title Ward
Jeff Fernhoff Chair 2
Jon Emert Member 3
John Falk Member 1
Reed Voorhees Member 1
Brad Weitekamp Member 1
Mike Moran Member 1
Laura Switzer Member 1
Scott Smith Non-Voting Member City Engineer, Advisory Role

The Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on all zoning requests, major development proposals, special use permits, and subdivisions. Any and all proposed amendments to the Zoning Code must be formally considered by the Plan Commission prior to the Board of Aldermen taking action. If the Plan Commission recommends against a specific petition, approval by the Board of Aldermen will require a two-thirds vote instead of a simple majority vote. Additionally, by law, the Plan Commission prepares and adopt the Comprehensive Plan for the City.

Agenda and Minutes - 2024

05/08/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet                        

Agendas and Minutes 2023

10/11/23 Agenda                              
09/13/23 Plan Commission Canceled -To be Rescheduled Agenda                              
06/08/23 Regular Meeting Agenda             Minutes                  
05/31/23 Regular Meeting Agenda             Minutes                  
04/12/23 Meet at GCDR Main Showroom Agenda             Minutes                  
03/30/23 Regular Meeting Agenda             Minutes                  
03/22/23 Regular Meeting Agenda             Minutes                  
03/14/23 Regular Meeting Agenda             Minutes                  
03/08/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
02/08/23 Regular Meeting Agenda             Minutes                  
Agenda and Minutes - 2022