Services Provided

Services Provided

If you currently have or intend to utilize an alarm system in your home, the alarm company is required by ordinance to register your system with us. This registration consists of your name, address, home telephone number, alarm company information and emergency contact information in the event of an alarm activation.

The City of Glendale has developed an Emergency Contact List for the benefit of our residents. In case of an emergency, this list will enable the Police Department to have access to the correct telephone number of the contact of each resident’s choice. This list also notifies us where the bedroom is located for those of our residents with “special conditions” such as a disability, a serious illness or for those elderly residents who may live alone or have difficulty in getting around. If you have not completed the form to be a part of this program, please stop by the Police Department and do so today!

Many times throughout the year citizens bring found property to the Police Department in hopes of finding the rightful owner. If you misplaced a valuable item such as a wallet or keys, please call or come by the Police Department.

When a resident finds a stray pet, they may call the Police Department and give the background information on the animal and we will keep this information on file if the owner should call in to report their pet missing.

Tours are available for any residents or organizations by calling the Police Department. All scheduled tours must be verified one hour before the tour is to begin.

If you plan to be out of town for an extended period of time, please contact us to specify your date of departure and arrival home. Our officers will physically check your home periodically while you are away so you can enjoy your vacation knowing your home is secure.