Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

The City of Glendale Police Department Code Division and St. Louis County Public Works both work to enforce the City's Code of Ordinances and conduct inspections.  The kinds of inspections handled by each division, however, are generally different from one another.  

To inquire about a code enforcement issue handled by the PD, please contact:

Mike Slaughter

To inquire about a construction related code enforcement issue, please contact:

Saint Louis County Department of Transportation and Public Works

Some examples of the issues handled by the City of Glendale Police Department Code Enforcement Division are:

  • Bare dirt or soil with lack of ground cover
  • Bushes and trees overgrown onto the right-of-way
  • Construction hours of operation
  • Dead trees, tree limbs, or bushes
  • Decks or stairs in disrepair
  • Driveways in disrepair
  • Exterior of structure in disrepair (chimneys, doors, hand/guard rails, roof, shutters, walls, windows)
  • Fences in disrepair or collapsed
  • Tall grass and weeds
  • Offensive, putrid, noxious, or unhealthy odors
  • Retaining walls collapsing or in disrepair
  • Sidewalk obstructions (dirt, mud, snow, ice, filth)
  • Sound/noise complaints
  • Swimming pools in disrepair or unsanitary conditions
  • Trash, rubbish, garbage, or debris on private property
  • Stormwater discharge directed so as to cause damage or too close to property line
Saint Louis County Department of Transportation and Public Works is contracted with the City of Glendale to perform all construction related inspections and plan review.  Their inspectors handle issues related to construction in Glendale, such as new homes, repairs, and additions.  Examples of issues related to construction include, but are not limited to: 

  • temporary construction fencing
  • debris
  • siltation
  • permits
  • setbacks, elevations, and building height
  • runoff
  • trash on site
  • mud tracked onto streets or sidewalks from construction
  • compliance with conditions imposed by the Architectural Review Board required for approval