Community Programs

Community Programs


Check your local newspaper and Glendale newsletter for information regarding this yearly event. For further information, see Annual Events on the home page.

The Police Department offers a wide variety of clinics such as home safety, drug and alcohol awareness, school safety, etc. For further information on these and other clinics available, contact Assistant Chief of Police, Bob Catlett at

This program is a good example of how citizens and their police department work together to prevent and solve crimes within their community. Before a neighborhood can participate, 80% of the residents must attend a Neighborhood Watch training program to include topics such as personal and physical security, environmental design, learning what to report and forming partnerships. Contact Crime Prevention Specialist Bob Catlett for more details in becoming part of this program.

This program allows citizens to observe law enforcement in action and become familiar with the patrol operations of the department. The role the participant plays is strictly that of an observer. They may not become involved, physically or verbally, with anyone whom the officer comes in contact. Click here to download the Ride Along Application