Tree Board

Tree Board


The Mayor and Board of Aldermen established a Tree Board on August 19, 2013 to assist in the selection, planting and maintenance of trees within the city limits, to study the city’s urban forest, determine needs, and to compose and review annually a Tree Plan and seek ways to implement it. The Tree Board is comprised of one member of the Board of Aldermen, two Glendale citizens appointed by the Mayor, the City Forester, the City Administrator, and the Public Works Superintendent.


Name Title
Andrew Stewart, Interim City Administrator Chair
Andy Haskenhoff, City Forester Member
J.R. Walters Member
Robert Weaver Member
Terry Jones, Public Works Superintendent Staff Member

Our Mission is to create, publicize and consistently administer a policy for the planting,
maintenance and removal of trees and shrubs in the City of Glendale that fairly, equitably and
judiciously encourages and enhances the beauty of Glendale, in conformance with current and
future City Ordinances, but ever mindful of the long term benefits to the community of a
vibrant and healthy urban forest. 

Agendas and Minutes 2023

01/10/23 Agenda