Pavement Preservation Project

Pavement Preservation Project

***UPDATE:This project has been completed.***

The City of Glendale has selected McConnell and Associates (MAC) to perform our annual pavement preservation work in the form of asphalt sealcoating along several streets. The work is scheduled to take place June 3-5 and again June 10-12.

This work will require streets to be closed to vehicle and foot traffic for 24 hours to allow work to take place and letting pavement treatments cure. Those living along the work area will have no access to their driveways during the 24-hour period. The portion of the street indicated on the maps below for sealing work will be closed beginning at 7am and will re-open the following morning at or before 8am.

Parking will be allowed on the open part of the street but will be limited to one side only. While your portion of the street is open, you are encouraged to park in your driveway to allow other residents to park on the street.

Below is a list of the streets indicating where and when work will take place. Click on your street to view the map and dates for closures. The project schedule has been designed to avoid interfering with waste removal schedules. Rain-out dates (if needed) are to be determined.  

If you have any questions or concerns related to the work or work schedule, please contact Gary Vanausdoll, MAC Superintendent, at 314-962-1920 ext. 216 or Public Works Superintendent Terry Jones at 314-968-8157 or