2024 Webster Groves Parks & Rec Agreement!

2024 Webster Groves Parks & Rec Agreement!

We have even more parks and recreation news! Glendale residents now receive resident rates at Webster Groves recreational facilities, specifically the Aquatic Center, Fitness Center, Tennis Center and Ice Rink. 

On Monday, April 1, the City of Glendale Board of Aldermen approved an ordinance authorizing a cooperation agreement between Glendale and Webster Groves for the use of Webster Groves Parks and Recreation facilities and programs. On Tuesday, April 16, Webster Groves City Council approved this agreement, as well.

What is the agreement?

  • Glendale residents will be able to use Webster’s recreational facilities at the same rates as Webster residents, including:
    • Aquatic Center
    • Fitness Center
    • Ice Rink
    • Tennis Center
  • Important Notes:
    • Covers both daily use and annual memberships.
    • Excludes resident rates for rental of park pavilions, ice rink, meeting rooms and athletic fields.
 How do Glendale residents sign up?

  • Glendale residents will first need to get a Recreation Complex ID card from Webster Groves Parks and Recreation. Using this, residents will be able to sign up however they would like.

How much does this cost the city?

Glendale will pay Webster Groves a subsidy: the difference between resident and non-resident fees for all use by Glendale residents. Essentially, we will cover the difference for our residents. This is a trial year for this agreement, so there is a limited amount of funding that is currently dedicated to the program. Residents who are interested are advised to sign up as soon as possible! 

Find more information about Webster Groves Parks and Recreation here!