2024 Kirkwood Parks & Rec Agreement!

2024 Kirkwood Parks & Rec Agreement!

It's official! On Monday, April 1, the City of Glendale Board of Aldermen approved an ordinance authorizing a cooperation agreement between Glendale and Kirkwood for the use of Kirkwood Parks and Recreation facilities and programs. On Thursday, April 4, Kirkwood City Council approved this agreement, as well.

What is the agreement?

  • Effective immediately, Glendale residents receive resident access and rates for rentals, memberships and daily passes to all Kirkwood Parks and Recreation facilities:
    • Aquatic Center
    • Ice Rink
    • Community Center
    • Performing Arts Center and Theater
    • Outdoor fields and courts
  • Glendale residents also get resident access and rates for all programs:
    • Aquatic
    • Sports
    • Camps
    • Other general programs
  • Important Notes:
    • For camp registrations, Glendale residents can register five business days after the opening of registration for Kirkwood residents. 
    • For pavilion rentals, Glendale residents can register 30 days after pavilion rentals open for Kirkwood residents, which is typically November 1 of each year.

 How do Glendale residents sign up?

  • Glendale residents will first need to get a Resident ID card from Kirkwood Parks and Recreation. Using this, residents will be able to sign up however they would like for Kirkwood. 

How much does this cost the city?

  • For the Aquatic Center, the City will pay $45,000 on May 31, 2024, for the upcoming season. This amount will increase 3.5 percent each year. 
  • The city will pay 30% of the total residents spend on non-Aquatic Center use for the prior fiscal year. For example, if Glendale residents spend $40,000 on programs, camps, etc. then Glendale would owe $12,000.
    • On average, the price difference between resident and non-resident prices is 25 percent. The city is essentially covering this difference and adding on 5 percent extra for administrative overhead.