Pavement Preservation Program: 2024 Street Cracksealing and Sealcoating

Pavement Preservation Program: 2024 Street Cracksealing and Sealcoating

As part of the City of Glendale’s Pavement Preservation Program, the streets listed below will receive a crackseal treatment April 8-10, 2024. Sealcoating of the streets will follow, but specific dates for specific streets have not yet been determined.

(Click here to read about Metropolitan Sewer District work starting April 8, as well)

This page will be updated as the work progresses, and final sealcoating dates have been selected.   

Due to rainy conditions Wednesday, April 10, the final leg of the cracksealing work has been postponed until April 15 & 16, 2024.


Cracksealing has been completed along the following streets:


  1. Lisa Kay Dr
  2. Alexandra Ave
  3. Warwick Lane
  4. Albert Ave
  5. 900 block of Victoria Ave
  6. 800-1100 blocks of Glenway Dr
  7. Nancy Carol Lane
  8. Nancy Jo Place
  9. Carol Anne Place
  10. Joanna Ave (between Carol Anne Place and Andrew Dr)
  11. Andrew Dr (from cul-de-sac to Joanna Ave)


Cracksealing will resume Monday, April 15 along the following streets (final leg):

  1. Andrew Dr (between Joanna Ave and Manchester Rd)
  2. Joanna Ave (between Andrew Dr and white fence)
  3. Nolan Dr
  4. Northview Ct
  5. Bismark Ave
  6. Belvedere Lane


Signs will be posted along the final leg of the project on Friday, April 12 limiting parking on the street for April 15 & 16.


Cracksealing: A process by which a hot, asphalt-based liquid is injected into the cracks of the street to prevent water and other debris from infiltrating the cracks and causing premature deterioration of the roadway.

The cracksealing crew will progress through the streets. As the crews finish along each street, they will remove the parking restriction signs and parking can then resume as normal.

While the work is underway, the street will remain open and deliveries can be made. There will be no change to your trash, recycling or yard waste collection schedules.