2024 Parks & Rec Agreements: What's Being Offered?

2024 Parks & Rec Agreements: What's Being Offered?

The City of Glendale is currently considering the annual renewal of our contract with Kirkwood Parks and Recreation. No final decision has been made on the renewal at this time – we’re just reviewing our options, weighing what amenities and prices are best for our residents.

We currently do not have an active parks and recreation agreement with another municipality
as we consider options for the upcoming season. Any agreement reached will be in place for summer 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause, and we are working to reach a decision as soon as possible.

We recently sent out a survey for residents that closed March 14. This survey specifically was meant to measure current use and potential interest in offers we have on the table. Thank you to everyone who responded!

For those curious about the specifics of potential agreements with Kirkwood, Webster Groves and Des Peres, below is a breakdown.


In 1998, the residents of Glendale approved a Parks and Stormwater sales tax, which allowed the city to form a partnership with the cities of Kirkwood and Oakland to operate an aquatic center. This tax covered payments for a bond to build the Kirkwood Aquatic Center. After the bond was paid off, Glendale has continued to make lump-sum payments for our residents to use the aquatic center at the resident rate.

Key Facts:

· This agreement only covers use of the aquatic center, Glendale residents do not receive the resident rates for other Kirkwood Parks and Recreation facilities and programs.

· Glendale is required to make a minimum lump-sum payment to Kirkwood that is not based on our residents’ use of the aquatic center.

At this time, resident rate passes to the Kirkwood Aquatic Center are not available, pending renewal of the agreement. For more information on the Kirkwood Aquatic Center amenities and prices, click here.


Des Peres is offering annual memberships to The Lodge at the resident rate, subsidized by Glendale. This means Glendale would cover the difference between the resident and non-resident rates, so the total cost would vary based on the number of residents who sign up for memberships. Members have access to all amenities of The Lodge, including outdoor facilities, as well.

Key Facts:

· Glendale’s payment to Des Peres is exclusively based on use by our residents.

· The Lodge only provides annual memberships to Glendale at the resident rate, not daily admissions.

To read more about The Lodge membership amenities and prices, click here.


Webster Groves is offering resident rates for all programs, membership and admissions to all facilities, subsidized by Glendale in a similar manner to the Des Peres proposal. Webster Recreation Center, Aquatic Center, Tennis Center and Ice Arena are all included.

Key Facts:

· Glendale’s payment to Webster Groves is exclusively based on use by our residents.

· Webster Groves Parks and Recreation provides resident rates for everything excluding resident rates for rentals of their facilities.

To read more about Webster Groves Parks and Recreation amenities and prices, click here.