Tips from Code Enforcement

Tips from Code Enforcement

Here are some tips for yard cleanup: 

Remove debris: Clear out any dead leaves, branches or other debris that may have accumulated. This will help prevent pests and diseases from taking hold in your yard.

Prune trees and shrubs: Be sure to remove any dead or damaged branches and shape the plant as desired. Trim branches near power lines to avoid future outages. Pruning is a great way to promote healthy growth!

Mulch: Adding a layer of mulch to your garden beds can help retain moisture and suppress weeds. Be sure to use a natural mulch like wood chips or shredded leaves.

Clean gutters: Gutters can become clogged with leaves and debris, so be sure to clean them out to prevent water damage to your home.

- Grass and weeds must remain trimmed below 10 inches long.*
- Construction dumpsters require permits, available here.*
- Peeling and chipped paint on exterior surfaces (doors, window frames, fences, etc.) has to be repainted.**

*Find Glendale's municipal code here
**Find St. Louis County's code here