Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance

Our Public Works Department is responsible for all City street repairs and maintenance, curb removal and replacement and striping of City streets. They are also involved in storm water projects throughout the City.

2024 marks year 10 of a estimated 12-15 year project to replace or install new curbing (as needed) and resurface each city street with asphalt.

2024-2026 Street Resurfacing - Copy

Streets highlighted in gray indicate completed work.

Streets highlighted in orange indicate resurfacing work scheduled for 2024. Those streets include:
- Venneman Ave (between Brownell Ave and E. Essex Ave)
- Moreland Ave
- 700 block of Edwin Ave
- Dwyer Ave
- Hillard Rd

Streets highlighted in yellow indicate resurfacing work scheduled for 2025. Those streets include:
- Luckystone Ave
- Juanita Ave
- Josephine Ave
- Hanamoor Ct
- 700 & 800 blocks of Fuhrman Terrace
- 400 block of Hill Dr
- Winnetka Lane
- Essex Ave Reconstruction Project

Streets highlighted in green indicate resurfacing work scheduled for 2026. Those streets include:
- Sappington Rd Preservation Project

Shown in yellow, the cities of Glendale and Kirkwood have partnered on a federally funded grant to make improvements to E. Essex Ave, scheduled for 2025. E. Essex Ave will be reconstructed with a new concrete curb and guttering the length of the road from N. Sappington Rd to the Glendale/Kirkwood city limit line with new concrete sidewalks on the north side of the street. The street itself will be resurfaced with asphalt. The new sidewalks will continue westward into Kirkwood, ending at Dickson St.

Shown in green, the City of Glendale has obtained federal funding to maintain N. Sappington Rd, scheduled for 2026. This project will include improvements to all ADA facilities to bring them into compliance with current standards, repair/replacement of broken or deteriorated concrete curbs and sidewalks, replacement of decorative crosswalks, installation of new pedestrian activated crosswalk lighting systems, and a new asphalt overlay. This work will extend the length of N. Sappington Rd from Manchester Rd to Lockwood Ave.