POSITION TITLE: City Administrator/City Clerk

REPORTS TO:  Mayor and Board of Aldermen

FLSA Status: Exempt                                                                                              

SUPERVISES:  All City employees

POSITION SUMMARY: The City Administrator shall be the administrative assistant to the Mayor and, as such, shall be the administrative officer of the city government.  The City Administrator will report directly to the Mayor and will work extensively with the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen in the administration of all city operations placed in the charge of the City Administrator by City ordinance and as directed by the Mayor.  This leader is responsible for assisting in the development of and executing the long-term strategic goals and objectives set by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.  Additional responsibilities involve overseeing financial and personnel management; developing and administering policies and procedures in accordance with City ordinance; and overseeing the provision of all City services.

Find the full job description via this PDF.

Interested candidates should apply no later than 5:00pm on Monday, November 27, 2023 by submitting a resume and cover letter to mwilcox@glendalemo.org or by mail to the City of Glendale, Attn: Mayor, 424 N. Sappington Rd, Glendale, MO, 63122. The City of Glendale, Missouri, is an equal opportunity employer.