Manchester Road MODOT Project Information

Manchester Road MODOT Project Information

Manchester Rd Rehabilitation Project

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDot) continues their efforts to construct improvements to underground utilities, stormwater drainage facilities, ADA compliant sidewalk installations, and road repaving along Manchester Rd from Lindbergh Ave to Big Bend Rd.

Above-ground improvements are nearing progression into the Glendale area. Answers to the most commonly asked questions, including timeline and project scope, can be found below or by visiting the MoDot website project page at:

Specific questions can be directed to Christopher Morgan:

Project Timeline: 

Glendale falls in the middle of the project area (Lindbergh to Big Bend Rd). The project was initiated at both ends of the corridor and moved towards each other making the work in Glendale near the end of the project timeframe. MoDot is currently working along Manchester Rd between N. Sappington Rd and Kenmore Dr to install new, and refurbish existing storm drain systems. Sidewalk construction in this area is expected to take place mid-March. Sidewalk construction between N. Berry Rd and N. Sappington Rd is expected to take place mid-summer. This schedule can be affected by weather conditions.

Project Scope: 

Sidewalks and ADA ramps will be installed on both the north and south sides of Manchester Rd the length of the project (Lindbergh to Big Bend). The project also includes updated pedestrian safety devices at crosswalks and as-needed relocation and refurbishment to underground utilities. The underground utility work has been underway for some time now and that work is exclusively what has been taking place in Glendale. The project also includes new asphalt driving surfaces and striping.

Sidewalk Plan: 

Due to the narrow width of the Manchester Rd right-of-way (ROW) within Glendale coupled with the need to meet current ADA standards (wider sidewalks and ADA ramps), sidewalks will be constructed adjacent to the concrete curbing. There will be little to no green space between the sidewalk and curb for most of the project going through Glendale.

Grass/Tree Maintenance: 

Sod will be installed on the backside of sidewalks to tie into existing lawns where applicable. However, very few lawns exist along the Glendale portion of the project. If sod or trees are installed, property owners are already aware of this, and maintenance agreements are in place for those owners. Property owners who abut the ROW now and already maintain grassy areas adjacent to the ROW are expected to continue maintenance.

Posted 1/23