2-6 AM On-Street Parking Variances

A trial program to grant variances from the City’s 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. on-street parking restriction is now underway in response to citizen concerns.  Residents may apply for a variance by filling out a variance application form online or at City Hall.

The 2-6 a.m. no-parking ordinance was originally intended as a crime deterrent to help police officers identify suspicious vehicles; however, times have changed since the ordinance was originally adopted in 1940.  Technology now allows police officers to more quickly and efficiently identify suspicious vehicles.  The number of cars per household has also increased over time making it more challenging to park all vehicles off the street.

Nowadays, the oridinance has another possible benefit such as improving access for emergency vehicles on some of Glendale’s narrower streets, particularly in the evening hours when most residents are home.  The City will consider each variance request case by case in order to help ensure that too many vehicles are not allowed to park on both sides of the street, particularly on streets that are especially narrow.

The City will also use this trial program to collect data to determine the best possible permanent solution to the concerns and issues.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as the City works through this process.