Dwyer and Hillard Street Improvements Starting July 22

Dwyer and Hillard Street Improvements Starting July 22

The City of Glendale has selected Spencer Contracting to construct major improvements to Dwyer Ave. and Hillard Rd.

The work, slated to begin Monday, July 22, will include construction of new concrete curbing along the north and south sides of Dwyer Ave. and Hillard Rd., and a new asphalt overlay along the length of both roads extending between N. Sappington Rd. and N. Berry Rd.

The curbing construction work will begin at the intersection of N. Sappington Rd. and Dwyer Ave. and then will continue eastbound to N. Berry Rd in sections measuring approximately 300 feet long. Work will take place along the north and south sides of the street simultaneously.

Spencer Contracting estimates the work will take 12 weeks to complete. This estimate is dependent on suitable weather conditions.

To facilitate construction of the new concrete curbing, each driveway will be cut back approximately 2 feet, potentially adjusted depending on the slope of the driveway. Each driveway will be restored with like materials. Concrete driveways will be restored as the curbing work progresses while asphalt driveways will initially be filled with rock and then restored in groups of eight or more.

While the new concrete curb is being constructed, each resident will be displaced from their driveway. Those with concrete driveways could be displaced for a period of up to nine days to allow for removal of the existing curb or street edge, setting of concrete forms, concrete pouring and curing time. Those with asphalt driveways will be displaced for a shorter amount of time.

Parking will be restricted in the immediate work area to allow for the work to take place and to allow for through traffic.
Because of the number of vehicles displaced from their driveways and the need to restrict parking in the immediate work area, the city asks that all residents utilize driveway parking when work is taking place near your home to provide parking spaces for those who are displaced.

This work could impact private utilities such as irrigation systems and/or electric pet fences. If you have either or both systems at your home, please report this to one of the contacts listed below so the city can arrange for any necessary repairs or adjustments.

City crews will be following closely behind Spencer crews to restore yards with topsoil and sod. On the day sod is installed at your home, city crews will water the sod and roll it into place. Watering instructions will be left at each home, and it will be the responsibility of the resident to continue watering the sod.

While this project is underway, there will be no change to your trash, recycling or yard waste collection schedules.

For questions or to report the existence of a private utility, please contact either Public Works Superintendent Terry Jones at (314) 968-8157 or tjones@glendalemo.org, or Alex Heuring with Spencer Contracting at 314-843-5166 or alex@spencercontracting.com.