Glendale Police Department Achieves Accreditation, New Officer Sworn In

Glendale Police Department Achieves Accreditation, New Officer Sworn In

IMG_5676The Glendale Police Department is now a fully accredited agency following a thorough review of the department's policies and procedures by the Missouri Police Chiefs Association.

The accreditation is the result of three years of hard work by Police Chief Jeff Beaton and his staff, who were required to meet 209 state standards and demonstrate their implementation with proofs and written policies. The process culminated in an on-site visit in early April, and the City received official notice of the accreditation award on April 9th. Accreditation Program Director Glenn Eidman presented the police department and the Board of Aldermen with a plaque recognizing the achievement at the June 17th Board meeting. 

The work still continues for the police department, as their compliance with the state standards is reviewed every three years. We extend our congratulations to all members of the Glendale Police Department for their commitment and dedication to professional law enforcement. 

Welcome Officer George!

IMG_5690Also at the Board meeting, Officer Keith George was sworn in and started with the Glendale Police Department. 

He is a graduate of Forest Park Community College, the Northwestern University Center of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s GLEEDS and LEEDA training programs. He has been in the law enforcement profession for more than 21 years and previously worked for the Normandy, Riverview and St. Ann police departments.

Please give him a warm welcome!