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Missouri American Water’s contractor, Kelpe Contracting, has been working nearly a year now to replace the water mains along Hanamoor Ct, both sections of Moreland Ave, the 700 block of Edwin Ave, and E. Essex Ave from Devon Rd to N. Sappington Rd.

To date, all plumbing work is complete. No more water mains or private water lateral line work is needed. However, substantial pavement and yard restoration work is still pending.

Kelpe crews have already restored the concrete pavement base layer and top asphalt layers of the street along the unit block of Moreland Ave and E. Essex Ave. Winter weather and contractor availability has prevented Kelpe crews from continuing the pavement work until now.

On Monday of next week (March 14) Kelpe will resume the pavement restoration work which will require them to excavate the trenched areas where the water main and water laterals were dug through and installed along the 900 block of Moreland Ave, 700 block of Edwin Ave, and Hanamoor Ct. Kelpe crews will also be restoring the street crossings within the intersections of N. Sappington Rd at Moreland Ave and E. Essex Ave, and some additional street crossings along E. Essex Ave at Edwin Ave and Parkland Ave.

Kelpe will have crews in Glendale on Friday of this week to clean up their work areas, organize the scattered cones and signage, and to distribute letters door-to-door notifying homeowners of the upcoming work.

Similar to the pavement restoration work along E. Essex and the unit block of Moreland, the trench lines will be excavated and a new concrete base will be installed. The trench lines and concrete will be exposed for a few days until Kelp’s asphalt paving subcontractor, N.B. West Contracting, arrives to restore the top asphalt layer. Unlike the work along E. Essex and Moreland, N.B. West will follow closely behind Kelpe crews (within days) instead of weeks.

While the work is underway the streets will remain open for normal use, however some delays should be expected. In addition, there will be no change to the trash, recycling, and yard waste collection schedules. 

For questions or concerns please contact either:

Joe Chase
Operations Manager
Kelpe Contracting
Becky VanJura
Project Manager
Missouri American Water