Trash and Recycling Guidelines
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 13:17
  • Only non-hazardous household solid waste may be collected. Liquid waste products may not be collected in a liquid state.
  • Non-hazardous liquids can be mixed with an absorbent such as Kitty Litter, but MUST be completely dry & with the lid off the container to show the driver that it is dried out.
  • Trash with yard waste mixed in, will not be collected.
  • Trash in cardboard boxes will not be collected.
  • Items must be broken down or cut to four feet (4’) high/long or less and be bundled.
  • Containers shall not have a capacity of less than 20 gallons nor more than 32 gallons, nor should they weigh more than 60 pounds.
  • Rubbish (waste that rots and stinks) should be bagged AND the bag(s) should be placed in trashcans or trash carts. Allied Waste will NOT be responsible for any rubbish spread about when animals or birds rip any such bag(s) open.
  • Rubbish (waste that does not rot and stink) MAY be placed in plastic bags and set out for collection without having to be in a trash can. Please do NOT overload bags. They may rip open when picked up.
  • Trash limits may not exceed the commonly produced quantity of a regular household family.
  • Medically necessary needles (sharps), such as diabetic syringes will only be collected when in approved sharps containers, which are available from your syringe supplier or you may use a puncture proof container with a tightly closed lid.
  • Bulky Trash includes any type of solid waste that cannot be placed into a 32-gallon trash can. Bulky Trash does NOT include major appliances, automobile parts or components, construction debris or any other such items.These items are to be serviced on the Trash day. There is no extra charge for this service. All Bulk items must be placed at curbside. All boxes need to be broken down and bundled. Allied Waste requests that bulky items be limited to two (2) items per pick up. Please call Allied Waste at (636) 947-5959 to schedule a bulky pick up.
  • Major Appliances are to be scheduled for collection through Allied Waste Customer Service. There is no charge for this service.
  • Tires and Car Batteries will not be picked up.
  • Construction materials will not be picked up as part of normal trash or as bulk trash. Some examples of the materials Allied Waste is unable to pick up:
    • Carpeting and other flooring materials
    • Wood
    • Cabinets
    • Drywall or sheetrock
    • Wood (e.g., 2X4’s, plywood, paneling, peg board)
    • Bathroom fixtures (toilets, tubs, commodes)
    • Kitchen fixtures (cabinets, islands. Etc.)
    • Plumbing (pipes, sinks)
    • Large light fixtures (if the fixture does not fit in a 32-gallon can with the lid secured normally, we are unable to pick up)
    • Roofing material (e.g., shingles, ceramic roof tiles, tar paper, gutters, fascia boards)
    • Siding 

      The above list is not all-inclusive. Please contact Allied Waste to inquire about having construction items picked up for an additional charge.

  • Yard waste with trash mixed in will not be collected.
  • Loose yard waste must be bagged in standard 30-gallon PAPER yard waste bags or placed in designated 32-gallon or smaller yard waste cans.
  • Customer-owned containers used for yard waste should be marked with the letter “X” or the words “Yard waste only.”
  • Yard waste cans are to be used for yard waste ONLY.
  • Tree limbs and branches less than six inches (6”) in diameter must be tied (with TWINENO WIRE) in bundles no bigger than four feet (4’) long by twenty-four inches (24”) in diameter. However, no bundle is to weigh more than sixty (60) pounds. Limbs and branches six inches (6”) or more in diameter are considered Bulky Trash.
  • Christmas trees will be collected at no additional charge.The tree must be free of all decorations. The tree may not exceed six feet (6’) in length. Do not use plastic tree bags, plastic cannot be mixed withyard waste. 

The City of Glendale participates in Single-Stream Recycling. 65-gallon recycling carts are provided to each single and two-family household for recycling collection. A recycling information guide is printed on each lid of the recycling cart to provide a listing of accepted materials for Single Stream Recycling.

All acceptable recyclables may be mixed in your recycling cart (no sorting necessary)

Rinse food residue from containers

Do not pre-bag the recyclables

No trash, yard waste or hazardous materials will be collected from the recycling cart. Recyclables contaminated with these materials will not be collected:  Residential Recycle List

For collection please properly place the cart three feet from all obstructions or other debris.

For more recycling information,click here.

Click here for information on recycling and solid waste or call St. Louis County at (314) 615-8989.



In order to insure collection of your trash, yard waste, and recycling, please put them out for collection at the curbside BY 7:00 AM on your scheduled collection day. 



There will be no collections on

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

The change in service days will be for that day on which the holiday falls. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday no change in weekly trash pickup will occur. When the holiday falls on a weekday, ALL days following a holiday ROLL.

For Example:

If the holiday is on a Monday:

  • Monday goes on Tuesday
  • Tuesday goes on Wednesday
  • Wednesday goes on Thursday
  • Thursday goes on Friday
  • Friday goes on Saturday



 CUSTOMER SERVICE: The Allied Waste Customer Service Department is open to receive telephone calls from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday of each week, excluding holidays.

Allied Waste Customer Service
(636) 947-5959



Notice under the Americans with Disabilities Act

In accordance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the City of Glendale will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs, or activities.