Glendale Police Department
Sunday, 06 December 2009 22:22

Glendale Police Department
424 N. Sappington Road
Glendale, Missouri 63122

Phone: (314) 965-0000 (Non-emergency)
Fax: (314) 965-2912

911 Emergency

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The Glendale Police Department constitutes an organization whose existence is justified solely on the basis of service to our community. It is the duty and privilege of each employee not only to protect our citizens from the criminal, but also to protect and defend the rights guaranteed under our structure of government. We must extend a strong determination to protect and support individual rights while at all times providing for the security of persons and property in the community. We must enforce the laws of the state of Missouri and the City of Glendale with impartiality, compassion, and professionalism.


The Glendale Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency. It is committed to the principles of community policing and to providing high-quality public safety service to the nearly 6,000 residents and business people of Glendale. Chief of Police Jeffrey Beaton commands the Glendale Police Department. The department is comprised of eleven sworn, full-time commissioned police officers and civilian employees. Most of our civilian employees are assigned to the communications division and are primarily responsible for dispatching services for the police and fire departments. Court personnel and a school crossing guard are also included in the civilian employee category.



If you currently have or intend to utilize an alarm system in your home, the alarm company is required by ordinance to register your system with us. This registration consists of your name, address, home telephone number, alarm company information and emergency contact information in the event of an alarm activation.


The City of Glendale has developed an Emergency Contact List for the benefit of our residents. In case of an emergency, this list will enable the Police Department to have access to the correct telephone number of the contact of each resident’s choice. This list also notifies us where the bedroom is located for those of our residents with “special conditions” such as a disability, a serious illness or for those elderly residents who may live alone or have difficulty in getting around. If you have not completed the form to be a part of this program, please stop by the Police Department and do so today!


Many times throughout the year citizens bring found property to the Police Department in hopes of finding the rightful owner. If you misplaced a valuable item such as a wallet or keys, please call or come by the Police Department.

When a resident finds a stray pet, they may call the Police Department and give the background information on the animal and we will keep this information on file if the owner should call in to report their pet missing.


Parking on city streets is prohibited between the hours of 2:00 am to 6:00 am for the following reasons:

  1. It deters criminal activity.
  2. Emergency vehicles can more easily transverse City streets.
  3. City snow plow trucks can do a more thorough job plowing snow and spreading salt.

Should you need to park your vehicle or a guest’s vehicle on the street overnight for a valid reason, contact the Police Department for permission. If you live on a private street this may be allowed.


Tours are available for any residents or organizations by calling the Police Department. All scheduled tours must be verified one hour before the tour is to begin.


If you plan to be out of town for an extended period of time, please contact us to specify your date of departure and arrival home. Our officers will physically check your home periodically while you are away so you can enjoy your vacation knowing your home is secure.



Check your local newspaper and Glendale newsletter for information regarding this yearly event. For further information, see Annual Events on the home page.


The Police Department offers a wide variety of clinics such as home safety, drug and alcohol awareness, school safety, etc. For further information on these and other clinics available, contact Assistant Chief of Police, Bob Catlett.


This program is a good example of how citizens and their police department work together to prevent and solve crimes within their community. Before a neighborhood can participate, 80% of the residents must attend a Neighborhood Watch training program to include topics such as personal and physical security, environmental design, learning what to report and forming partnerships. Contact Crime Prevention Specialist Bob Catlett for more details in becoming part of this program.


This program allows citizens to observe law enforcement in action and become familiar with the patrol operations of the department. The role the participant plays is strictly that of an observer. They may not become involved, physically or verbally, with anyone whom the officer comes in contact.  Click here to download a Ride Along Application.


Notice under the Americans with Disabilities Act

In accordance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the City of Glendale will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs, or activities.